About Us

Bijolie is the first brand in the world defined by concept innovating custom made design in the footwear sector .Created with the goal to bring comfort, fun and connection to the world's feet. Bijolie flip flops are more than a one piece wearable item in anyone’s closet - It was inspired by the world of children & the movie Transformers. Bijolie was composed in a way that it was meant to connect the elements of footwear in a way like no one else has ever accomplished in the footwear sector before .Bijolie was born in the heart of Hollywood and the meaning behind it is “Be cute” in French translation and “Be happy” In the English language. At Bijolie footwear we think that the customer should have the ability to participate in the creative process, and choose what they want instead of being told. Bijolie flip flops offer more than 70 styles for any occasion and every season, combining colorful, light fabrics, and materials. Bijolie products allow their customer to choose from a variety of materials, colors, accessories, and customers are able to create multiple changeable styles with their footwear quickly and economically. Bijolie stands for an easy “do it yourself“ flip flop and we invite you to flip it, wear it, walk it & enjoy it in this new worldwide footwear concept movement.